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Fully Digital 24-bit/96kHz Active HD Loudspeakers


Evolution of Hi-Fi

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The Phonar Veritas Match model range utilizes proprietary Digital Smart Synthesis (DDS) technology in which the audio signal is processed digitally and delivered to each dive unit in its purest form. No DACs or conventional amplification! 


The speakers can be connected wirelessly to any WiSA-certified product or wired to an existing analogue preamplifier via RCA or XLR connections.

Digital Audio for Analogue Souls

The Veritas Match speakers are available in a multitude of finishes, including RAL colours.

Please see the individual model for availability.

The Veritas Match line consists of:

Compact 2-way monitor

Slimline floor-standing speaker

Floorstanding speaker

Reference grade floor-standing speaker, D’Appolito configuration (MTM)

Flagship Reference floor-standing speaker, D’Appolito configuration (MTM)

The Phonar Veritas line features many design aspects that are not usually found in their price class.

This is achieved by systematic implementation of the concept of "quality, design, and technique".

Carefully selected drive units from well-renowned manufacturers like ScanSpeak and Peerless are used throughout the range.

The speaker enclosure design encompasses many distinctive design features that include:


  • Time Alignment

Tilted front baffle to align the Tweeter & and the Midrange drive unit’s centers

for improved acoustic cohesion between drivers.

- Clearer and more accurate midrange

  • Sculptured front baffle

Lessens cabinet edge diffraction to minimize ripples in the frequency response.

- Better stereo imaging, and improved clarity in the upper-mid & high frequency

  • Asymmetric and heavily braced speaker cabinet

To counteract internal standing waves and reduce vibrations by making the

enclosure very stiff and rigid.

- Significantly lower coloration for more natural sound

High-end hi-fi components  vs. Phonar ‘Match’

Conventional hi-fi system consists of purchasing various hi-fi components from different manufacturers, usually at different times, by extensive auditioning at dealer demo rooms. Reviews are helpful but at the end of the day, it is someone’s opinion about a piece of a kit auditioned in their own system and surroundings.


To further complicate matters, you then need cables of various types to connect all the components together, adding further costs and coloration to the sound. And not to forget room acoustics! To cut it short, you are shooting in the dark. You can continue spending money by chopping and changing but rarely get the performance you want.

The problem is that each hi-fi component is designed in isolation and when combined with another component, its performance can vary significantly.

Phonar Veritas Match overcomes these issues and delivers outstanding performance at a significantly reduced cost.

Nice and Simple! 

Match Air
The Match Air
Wireless (WiSA)

It is no longer necessary to lay speaker cables through the room.

Quality losses due to cable influences are a thing of the past.


For ease of operation and convenience, just add Platin HUB;  the Intelligent Control Center.

The HUB serves as a control center for your audio signal sources and creates a connection to streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Amazon HD Music &, etc.

Wireless bridge

To achieve a lossless 24-bit/96kHz wireless connection between your Match speakers and your non-WiSA Digital Source e.g. Music Streamer or TV; simply use SoundSend.

 - via its S/PDIF or HDMI eARC input. 


WiiM Pro Plus

Wireless & Streaming

After conducting extensive tests, we have chosen  WiiM Pro Plus to complement our Match speakers. We believe this combo offers superb performance and outstanding value for money.

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