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Phonar's Digital Smart Synthesis (DSS) technology

We at Phonar thought...  why follow the conventional hi-fi rules?

So, we started with a blank slate and designed a hi-fi system from the ground up. The first thing we did was to assemble a team of engineers to address each signal chain element. Our design team included an acoustic engineer, specialist audio hardware and software engineers; and lots of pairs of ears!


Analogue to the extreme…  implemented Digitally

The solution the Phonar design team devised was a ‘total integration of all the stages from start to finish including the transducers; designed with the least number of processes, components, and shortest signal path. The nucleus of which is a powerful Central Processor Unit.


This Purest approach cannot be done in Analogue Domain; therefore, the Phonar Match system is fully Digital 24-bit/96khz, all the way to the speaker voice coil.

The result is… Pure unadulterated sound in your living room for you to enjoy for many years to come



DSS - Technical White Paper


Technical Profile:

  • 28-/56-bit DSP optimized for audio processing - for active crossover & room correction

  • 32-/48-bit Audio & PWM Processing Architecture - Digital Volume control & PCM to PWM conversion.

  • Multiple True Digital Audio Amplification (TDAA) units; sometimes referred to as Power DAC. Each is optimised for the speaker drive unit being employed. The voice coil impedance of each drive unit is part of the TDAA circuit design. The power output of each TDAA unit is dictated by the drive unit power handling and impedance characteristics rather than designed for a specific random value. 

Wireless connectivity (WiSA)*

Tuneable to your room's acoustics and taste

Multi-room audio (with Platin hub)


* Works with other Brands that are WiSA compatible. Read more

A look inside the Veritas Match

Phonar's proprietary Digital Smart Synthesis technology (DSS)

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