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Finishing touch!

A selection of carefully chosen third-party products that work perfectly with ours; and offer exceptional performance and value for money.

Platin HUB

The Platin HUB is a wireless link to each individual speaker (WiSA), Control Center, and Streamer in one small device unit.


It creates the interfaces to desired device sources, the TV or the Internet. Access to streaming providers like Spotify, Tidal or Qbozz is guaranteed via a WLAN connection. It is conveniently operated via the respective apps of the streaming providers.


The HUB is additionally equipped with Bluetooth aptX . With your smartphone or tablet, you can transfer music to the HUB, which sends the data uncompressed at 24bit / 96kHz to the Match speakers.

Use the high-quality remote control to operate the Match or use the extensive possibilities of the App control (Android/iOS). Operation is intuitive and convenient. The elegant radio remote control is ergonomically designed, easy to use, and includes all essential functions of the HUB.

SRP £399 (inc. VAT) when purchased with Match


Connection to speakers:

Inputs (wireless)

Inputs (wired):

Power supply

Dimensions (H x W x D):


WiSA 24bit/96kHz

Bluetooth aptX & Wi-Fi

1x RCA, 3x Optical Digital (TOSLINK)


1x AUX (3.5mm Combo)

1x Coax Digital & 1x USB

Outboard - 5V/3A

XX x XX x XX cm


  • HDMI - Only supports signals from ARC (Audio Reverse Channel) enabled TVs. It may be necessary to enable the digital PCM output on your TV to use this input. Please read the instructions for your ARC-compatible TV.

  • USB (Type B) -  PC/MAC via the USB input for the transmission of audio signals. Supports up to 24 bits/192 kHz.

  • OPT1, OPT2, OPT3 & COAX inputs - All SPDIF up to 24-bit/192 kHz.

  • RCA input  (L+R) - Analogue 'Line' level.

  • AUX (Combination connector) - 3.5mm Stereo Analogue 'Line' level & 3.5mm Optical (SPDIF).

WiSA SoundSend

The WiSA SoundSend is a 24bit/96kHz robust uncompressed lossless wireless link to each individual speaker (WiSA).


It creates the interface to any Digital source via S/PDIF TOSLINK optical or HDMI ARC.

Signal latency: 5.2 milliseconds

Channel synchronization: 1 microsecond

Dimensions (H x W x D)2.7 x 11cm

SRP £199 (inc. VAT)

For detailed information, please visit the WiSA Technologies website: Click Here

More info to be posted here

WiiM Pro Plus

After conducting extensive tests (Listening and  Lab measurements), we have chosen  WiiM Pro Plus by Linkplay Technology Inc. to partner with our Match speakers.


The Match system is fully digital; Linkplay Technologies Inc. has an excellent digital engine in the WiiM Pro Plus and this is the part that is important to Phonar. 


Features include:

  • Bit-perfect output on coaxial and optical S/PDIF

  • Bluetooth 5.1

  • Audio Codec: MP3, AAC, ALAC, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, OGG

  • Roon Ready

  • Chromecast

  • DLNA

  • AirPlay 2

  • WiiM Voice Remote


The WiiM  App is very good and offers support for many popular music streaming services. It also connects to your NAS or local files to stream your favorite music. 

In addition, it works with works with Siri, Alexa, and Google Voice Assistants, and facilitates multi-room audio.


We concluded that this product offers an excellent gateway to streaming services, and in combination with the SoundSend perfectly complements the Veritas Match fully digital 24bit/96kHz speaker system. 

SRP £219 (inc. VAT)

For detailed information, please visit the WiiM  website: Click Here

Recommended combination

SoundSend + WiiM Pro Plus

Total cost £418

More info to be posted here

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