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It all began more than 50 years ago...


German hi-fi tradition

Over 50 years ago, the history of the company Phonar began, which, as the most northerly hi-fi manufacturer in Germany in the early years, mainly produced loudspeakers for international, even today known consumer electronics brands. Every day, up to 1,000 loudspeakers left the factory in Tarp, which at that time was still called Scan Akustik. In order not to be dependent on a few major customers, the company founder Klaus Henningsen decided at the beginning of the 80s to set up his own loudspeaker brand under the name Phonar.


In 1983, the idea was put into action and led to the independent company Phonar Akustik GmbH, which has set itself the goal to produce high-quality sound furniture, whose good quality should be strongly related to the musical original. In the following years, Phonar was able to expand its market position steadily and today, with about 100 selected specialist dealers throughout Germany, install a network of high-quality distribution partners.

In 1998, Klaus Henningsen handed over the management of the company to his son Kai Henningsen, who joined the company after studying business administration and has been successfully managing it ever since.

For the internationally operating family business with its 15 employees and an operating area of 5,000 m², export is an essential factor: With a foreign sales share of about 40%, the products are exported to many European countries.

Phonar loudspeakers repeatedly attract attention with their excellent review results in renowned hi-fi magazines and are highly praised. With the series Veritas "Style" and the Veritas "NEXT" we have designed loudspeakers that convince both test editors and music listeners with their tonal appearance and high value.

In November 2018, Phonar launched the Match series. For more than two years, an engineering team developed this modern active technology, which, among other things, enables the transmission of music files from the Internet in high-resolution audio quality and distributes music wirelessly in several rooms.

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