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Extended HF Passive Loudspeakers

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The Phonar Veritas Next line features many design aspects that are rarely found in their price class.

This is achieved by systematic implementation of the concept of "quality, design, and technique".

Carefully selected drive units from well-renowned manufacturers like ScanSpeak and Peerless are used throughout the range.

The Veritas Next speakers are available in a multitude of finishes, including RAL colours.

Please see the individual model for availability.

Speakers are shown with upgraded feet.

The Veritas Next line consists of:

m4.2 Next

p4.2 Next

p6.2 Next

p9.2 Next

p10.2 Next

p10.2 SE

c4.2 Next

c8.2 Next

s8 Next

Compact 2-way monitor

Slimline floor-standing speaker

Floorstanding speaker

Reference grade floor-standing speaker, D’Appolito configuration (MTM)

Flagship Reference floor-standing speaker, D’Appolito configuration (MTM)

Special Edition of the p10.2 Next; featuring ScanSpeak's Illuminator Ring Radiator tweeter

Centre channel, 2-way

Centre channel, 3-way

Active subwoofer with DSP

The speaker enclosure design encompasses many distinctive design features that include:


  • Time Alignment

Tilted front baffle to align the Tweeter & and the Midrange drive unit’s centers

for improved acoustic cohesion between drivers.

- Clearer and more accurate midrange

  • Sculptured front baffle

Lessens cabinet edge diffraction to minimize ripples in the frequency response.

- Better stereo imaging, and improved clarity in the upper-mid & high frequency

  • Asymmetric and heavily braced speaker cabinet

To counteract internal standing waves and reduce vibrations by making the

enclosure very stiff and rigid.

- Significantly lower coloration for more natural sound

The Veritas Next has been modified and tuned for the UK market.

ScanSpeak Ring Radiator tweeter is standard on all the Veritas Next models.

Extended High Frequency (HF) to above 40kHz... to fully appreciate Hi-Resolution Audio.

The Veritas Next speakers can be upgraded to the Veritas Match*.

Dealer/Factory upgrade -  *except c4.2, c8.2 & s8

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