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For the Love of Music

Close your eyes & enjoy the Performance

Introducing the Veritas speakers by Phonar
Every Phonar product contains experience from over 50 years of loudspeaker development. Since the beginning, our stated goal has been to reproduce music as faithfully as possible through our products.

Thanks to excellent development work combined with the use of high-quality components, Phonar loudspeakers have received international recognition among music lovers for many years. We feel committed to this tradition in the service of music.

Vertias Next

Passive Loudspeakers

Meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance
  • Extended High Frequency to above 40kHz

  • Dynamic and natural-sounding

  • Good Sensitivity >87dB

  • Exquisitely finished and aesthetically elegant

  • Upgradable to Veritas Match

Veritas Match Air

Active Loudspeakers

Fully Digital High Definition (24bit/96kHz) wireless or wired
  • Power DACs instead of conventional amplification

  • Bandwidth 20Hz to 48kHz

  • Wireless connectivity (WiSA)

  • Tuneable to your room's acoustics and taste

  • Upgradable to Veritas Match Air

m4.2 Match Air

"This is a great speaker!"
"Very clean, rousing and can also contain emotions. A real hit!"


p4.2 Match Air

"The Phonar is a product designed with care and commitment that will bring not only us but also the future owner a lot of joy and enjoyment. Strong recommendation."


p6.2 Match Air

"Incredible drive, precise treble reproduction and numerous sound adjustment options manage to delight even die-hard analog fans."

hifi_statement_logo (1).jpg

p6.2 Match Air

"these Phonar Veritas p6.2 Match Air WiSA-enabled speakers exceeded my expectations."

"They are quite natural in balance, and reveal lashings of subtle detail without becoming fatiguing."




Phonar has been producing loudspeakers for more than 50 years.

24-bit/96kHz is the de facto standard in studio environments

for Hi-Res audio. 

The Veritas Match speakers are fully digital 24-bit/96kHz to

the drive unit voice coil thanks to Phonar's DSS Technology.

No DACs or Conventional Amplification

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